About University of Sulaimani

Sulaimani City was established in the mountainous area of Kurdistan, it became a torch and center for literacy and intellect of Kurdish thought .This City is the cradle of hundreds of Political, intellectual famous men of letters and dignitaries icons on the level of Kurdistan region and Iraq in general, for the time being it is the Cultural Capital of Kurdistan region.

– The first University established in Iraqi Kurdistan region was in Sulaimani in 1968 with the effort of Mam Jalal.

– In 1981, after 13 years of Sulaimani University establishment, the university had been transferred to Hawler and the name changed to Salahaddin University

– After the great uprising of 1991, once again Sulaimani University had been re-established in 1992.

After that, it started with three colleges, which were College of Languages, College of Agriculture and College of Medicine.
Fortunately, Nowadays Sulaimani University has developed dramatically, currently it has 20 Colleges, 78 Departments, 2000 Teaching Staff and 25000 Students
Apart from all these Sulaimani University has given birth to four other Universities which are Koya University, Garmian University, Charmo University and Halabja University.
Sustainable Agriculture and Global Challenges
كشتوكاڵى هەميشەيى و ئاڵنگارییە جيهانيەكان
11-12 May 2022
University of Sulaimani 
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